P Squared Away Paizhe Pressley

Paizhe Pressley

Owner and Professional Organizer

I am organized. I love my label maker and the sight of color coded anything makes my heart pitter-patter. I know where everything is in my home and I don’t spend valuable time searching for things I need. But, I am not a neat freak. Sometimes this confuses people.

Being organized does not mean cleaning all the time; I'll be the first person to tell you cleaning is no fun. Being organized is having a system. It’s knowing where to find your keys, kids’ vaccination records, travel charger, and your umbrella. 

We are often being pulled in a million directions and it can be easy to let "stuff" pile up. One junk drawer turns into two and before you know it your home makes you feel stressed and inefficient. It feels as if your space is growing smaller and smaller every day. You know you have a dining room table you just can’t see it under the layer of mail, newspapers, homework, toys, and what-nots. You spend valuable time looking for things you know you put someplace. It’s enough to make your head spin and you want to give up.

Don’t give up. Together we can create a place for everything and help you control your surroundings rather than letting your surroundings control you. You’ll gain back valuable time, a sense of accomplishment, and a place for your keys!

At p squared away we use client-specific criteria, including attention to design preferences and household functionality, to create customized, easily maintained organizational solutions that are both practical and beautiful. We are here to help overwhelmed people create beautiful, well-functioning homes they can love. We believe an organized home saves time, saves money, reduces stress, and increases happiness. 


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